Smartfy Workability

Market is changing quickly, compelling several segments to adapt in order to optimize their processes. Companies that are not aware to this scenario take more risks, for this reason, the search for resources that would help them to face the speed of transformation that the current Market demands is essential.

Developed to get easier the deployment of SaaS (Software as a Service) components, multicloud and On-premise, Smartfy platform offers solution to the most variable segments that could experience these issues and have specifics goals of their Market.

The platforms turns simple the usage of integration services, including microservices, APIs and electronic data exchange integration, in order to create the best Market solutions and allow companies to innovate faster towards Digital Transformation.

Among the main segments supported by Smartfy, we can highlight:

Insurance Companies

Currently, it is essential that insurance companies be agile in their business and adopt a fast pace of changing. In this area, slow and monolithic applications can hide opportunities in a dynamic Market. Therefore, many insurance companies have already adopted a microservices architecture.

Most times, legacy systems are slow and turn to be the main factor that suppress insurance companies to innovate quickly. On the other hand, insurance companies that adopt legacy systems surrounding by microservices face better these challenges. Thus, changes could be performed only on relevant microservices, without dividing the entire application to change specifics parts.


Microservices architecture also plays an important role in big service providers’ strategies, as Amazon, Google and Netflix. Companies like these, for example, need to build applications more scalable. Through microservices development all the project is accelerated, including tests and deployment. Besides, is also possible that applications can be corrected in real time, instead of awaiting a longer update cycle.

Another benefit of microservices architecture is that the applications already done can be tested in an interactive model and spread without being offline.

Network providers are using microservices architectures to build a faster software model that could be used to improve the customer support, to increase the usage of features and to turn possible the integration with other applications developed by a third part.


Industry already faces the digital era challenges and it is changing the way that we buy. The pace of this change makes – to retail industry – the task of predicting what is going to happen in this Market harder.

Microservices are the answer for these faced challenges, as they are developed over ideas of service-oriented architectures. This way, focus is changed: from technology with complicated infrastructure components to independent services through APIs.

Financial Institutions

In order to remain competitive in Market, financial institutions are reconsidering their technical and complicated architectures, looking for something more adaptable to their needs.

For that matter, microservices architecture offers everything what is needed to help banks and financial institutions: scalability, resiliency and security.

In addition, microservices turn the task of APIs integration with other services easier, managing and protecting the API layer through insolation, besides the scalability and resiliency.

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