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Smartfylabs Partners: Platform Subscription

Platform Subscription

This model is more suitable for companies that already have an IT team and do not want to waive their own development process, requiring just a solution that speed up the process of launching offers in the market.​

Smartfylabs Partners: Training


We provide training for the platform, that covers since the development and operation of components till the application of fast methodologists for the MVP process.
Smartfylabs Partners: Mentoring


Mentoring is basically a coaching process, added to a systematic follow up on the implementation of business processes using the platform. It can assure that the development will be done according to the best practices and all the knowledge acquired is settled.
Smartfylabs Partners: Dev Support


We support development and operation, also, we guarantee that all the solutions created will have the needed resilience to support mission critical systems.
Smartfylabs Partners: MVP Definition & Building

MVP Definition & Building

This model is more suitable for companies that do not have an internal development team but have the mastery in business processes to be implemented in their offer.

Smartfylabs Partners: MVP Support

Support & Definition

MVP Use Cases

We support you on the conception, definition, validation and building of your MVP.
Smartfylabs Partners: Backend

Back End

API & Microservices

We support your company to build the Back End, with solutions, people and processes.
Smartfylabs Partners: Frontend

Front End

UI/UX Experience

We have qualified professionals that can support in creation, implementation and validation of users’ journey, considering the best use experience.
Smartfylabs Partners: Venture Building

Venture Building

You have a good idea, but you don’t know how to transform it in a solution and take it to the market. Smartfy Labs will be your tech extension. We will support your company since the analysis and project conception till the launching and possible meetings with investors. We have multiple professionals with a wide experience in all stages of launching a startup.

Smartfylabs Partners: Project Analysis
Project Analysis
Smartfylabs Partners: Business Plan
Business Plan
Smartfylabs Partners: Value Proposal
Value Proposal
Smartfylabs Partners: MVP Definition
MVP Definition
Smartfylabs Partners: Product Building
Product Building
Smartfylabs Partners: Launching

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