Why Smartfy?

Why Smartfy?

Smartfy platform offers flexible tools and resources to a complete application development in one hybrid integration platform, enabling set up of any of these integrations in a quick and easily way.

Smartfy Save your Time
Saving time and money by building and delivering microservices and connectors, no coding needed.
Smartfy Hybrid Integration
Integrate cloud-based apps and on-premises systems, no coding needed.
Smartfy Toolset
Work simplification supported by a toolset for application integration.
Smartfy Microservices Architecture
Using microservices architecture to develop and scale new integrations in a fast way.
Smartfy MaaS
Run services and integrations with a message style.

Smartfy’s Features

Visual Canvas

A visual and user-friendly interface that can be used to create and integrate microservices in simple functions and submit them as APIs.

MDD (Model-Driven Development)

A format used to develop and deploy software in a fast, efficient and low-cost way. It’s founded in a model with a diagram that illustrates how the software must work, even before it’s been created.

Smartfy Platform Visual Canvas
Smartfy Platform Solution


Allows performing the deployment and scale all the microservices instances automatically, both application and infrastructure, in an easy way with Kubernetes on any Cloud.

Auto-scalable Platform

It’s auto-scalable, in other words, according to your needs, it’s prepared to grow automatically, and you don’t need to worry about it.

Function as a Service (FaaS)

Through the FaaS, the code program is executed in response to the events defined by you.

In this service, is provided a computing platform on Cloud that allows the developer to execute and manage software features in a simple way, no need of creating or maintaining an infrastructure associated to an application development.

Smartfy Platform FaaS

Microservices Visual Orchestration

Through this feature you can integrate systems in an efficient way. It performs the integration, calling the right service at the right moment and reporting all the layers.

In addition, the feature allows analyzing, grouping and categorizing all the microservice back-ends as a set of containers, in order to you understand in detailed the complete flow of the API solicitation and response, according to your deployment.

Security and Control

Smartfy is a platform that guarantees the security and control during the software development.

With Smartfy, developers have a refined control of their projects.

Besides that, they count on an environment that offers all the needed support, as well as resources to migrate their solutions to Cloud without changing the logics or the way the solutions work.

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