Smart Cloud Platform
The Intelligent Solution for your Cloud

The intelligent Cloud platform

Smart Cloud Platform provides to your customers the capability of managing their own computing resources according to their needs. Know some advantages:

Smart Cloud Server Management

Server Management

Through a simple and friendly interface, you can create and manage your servers according to the desired capability.

Smart Cloud Groups & Shares

Groups and Shares

Create user groups and define your capacity of managing available computing resources.

Smart Cloud Access Rules

Access Rules

Use the firewall to create your access routes to your servers in an easy and safety way.

Smart Cloud Solutions Marketplace

Through the platform Marketplace, get the most popular solutions on the market, among them, API Management, IAM, Serverless, FaaS, MaaS…

Smart Cloud API Management

API Management

Take in your hands a powerful tool that speeds up Design, Exposure and Monitoring of APIs, giving business insights combined to Safety layers, Analytics, Scalability, Corporate Management and much more with Smart Cloud.

Smart Cloud Microservices Servless Platform

Microservices Servless Platform

Serverless platform offers microservices high availability and resilience. Through a simple and fast interface, it’s possible to create and distribute microservices with no need of knowing its location.

Smart Cloud Data Integration

Data Integration

Build your business and integration flows with a powerful Drag and Drop visual tool allowing the growth of your business.

Smart Cloud IAM Identity Management

IAM Identity Management

Manage your users, centralizing the authentication and authorization of your applications and APIs in very secure way.

Smart Cloud Memory Cache

Memory Cache

Take advantage of implementation, operation and scalability easiness of a data storage in memory and on Cloud. This service improves the applications performance on Web, allowing the storage data to be recovered in a fast and managed way.

Smart Cloud Devops


Count on standards and tools that increase the capability of you business in distributing applications and services very fast: optimize and improve products in a faster pace than other companies that use traditional processes for software development and infrastructure management.

Smart Cloud Integrated Billing

Integrated Billing Platform

Simplify the user experience through a modern Integration Strategy

Connection applications and data to integrate on multiple clouds, to update your business and allow a higher productivity. Everything running in anywhere.
Smart Cloud White Label

White Label Customization

Know the business model that will help your business to optimize and focus on what really matters: your customer

With the white label, your business can get rid of cons as development, infrastructure and user support. This way, you can drive your focus commercially in your customers.